Engagement Plan Implementation

Engagement Implementation is where the rubber meets the road, and the designs are tested and deployed.

Here are the phases of Implementation:

I. Beta Test and Preparing for Scale

A beta test best ensures the most efficient and successful full-scale engagement. We will run a beta test, or coach your staff to run one that will likely include:

  • Helping the organization train the team and hire the staff needed to carry out the Engagement Plan.
  • Identifying and recruiting small group leaders in key cities/regions (and strategic to an organization’s short and long term political goals)
  • Creating a programmatic infrastructure that can grow with the base.
  • Developing the technological infrastructure for scale (e.g., database, evaluation, measurements of impact, website, CRM, etc.)
  • Developing initial marketing materials and technological tools for the program.
  • Developing small group curricula, scripts, house party kits and other documents needed for the strategy.
  • Running turbo groups and training leaders.
  • Tracking success and failure, and recalibrating.


For a full-scale launch, the Engage Network typically requires that groups have gone through the stages above, and have dedicated staff ready to implement at scale.  The Engage Network, at full-scale, serves primarily as a coach and mentor, guiding your staff to utilize the tools of human scale engagement organizing at full scale.