Human Scale

Change on a Human Scale is the Engage Network’s special sauce.

One of the most significant markers of a person’s long term engagement is that they are part of a community of people who care about each other.  When change happens on a human scale, people are valued and authentic leadership emerges.

What people are saying

“Change on a human scale is the infectious energy of hope born when we stand together for change against great odds.”
- Taj James, Founder, Movement Strategy Center

“Change on a human scale embodies both the call for personal transformation and the possibility of generating a global culture shift that creates infrastructure our collective acknowledgement of our connection to ourselves, to each other and to the planet.”
- Anasa Troutman, Founder, Art Is Change

“Change on a human scale is about the power of human connection, relationships built on trust, and understanding that everyone has something to contribute.”
- Ori Brafman, Author, The Starfish and The Spider

“Human systems break down when the human spirit breaks down. As people, we treat each other with respect and integrity when we truly feel like part of a community. If that strong human spirit and feeling of community is absent, no amount of community organizing will change anything within neighborhoods.  If we prioritize the people versus the issue, we can create lasting change.”
- Nikki Henderson, Executive Director, People’s Grocery

“When we begin to own our role in the pursuit freedom we begin to understand that real relationships, with real people, who have real names and real faces are the actual field where justice grows.”
- Gibrán X. Rivera, Interaction Institute for Social Change, Boston MA

“Change on a human scale sews back together individuals, communities, and eco-systems. The scale is defined by our natural social, biological, and ecological relationships of interdependence; the town hall, the family, the water shed.  The change at this scale is the evolution that happens simply because people authentically engage with each other and their surroundings.”
- Jidan Koon, Senior Fellow, Movement Strategy Center

“Inappropriately scaled systems are collapsing. We need relationships and systems at a human scale so they can be sustained.” -Taj James, Founder, Movement Strategy Center