What People Are Saying

The Engage Network helped us re-learn the art of listening. Marianne Manilov and her team have been a critical partner in our effort to bring mobilisation and people-powered campaigning back to the center of our work so that we can win bigger and significantly expand our supporter and volunteer base. As a result of our work together, Greenpeace is better positioned to co-create winning strategies with our staff, volunteers, supporters, and donors.

Kumi Naidoo

Executive Director, Greenpeace International

The Engage Network gives people the tools to build community, empower the edges.  They recognize that people don’t come to movements; but movements must come to people.

Ori Brafman
Best-Selling Author, The Starfish & The Spider and Sway

Working with The Engage Network led us to develop clear engagement pathways to cultivate new members into Green For All activists and leaders.

Phaedra Ellis-Lamkins

CEO, Green For All

Van Jones

Visionary and author, “The Green Collar Economy”

Our partnership with The Engage Network has transformed the way we go about our work. We see every person in our network – members, our mailing list, volunteers – as leaders, and agents of social change. The Engage Network has helped us to be in a real relationship with them, to listen deeply, to tap into their collective power, and to base our work on realizing their potential.

Josh Viertel

Former Executive Director, Slow Food USA

Working with The Engage Network as a Green For All small circle trainer, I saw Ward 5 residents in Cleveland, Ohio think about, envision and begin the process of greening their community.

Gigi Traore

Activist, Executive Director, 2009 Green For All Fellow

The Engage Network has helped SoChange understand the importance of formulating an offline organizing strategy alongside our online engagement strategy. We had thought of ourselves as a primarily online platform and in the process neglected the fact that many of the most powerful interactions that promote consumer activism can take place offline. This has been an invaluable contribution to how we think of ourselves and the change we will ultimately help consumers make in the world.

Michael Norman

Founder, www.SoChange.com

I can see myself becoming a better leader, and I credit almost all of it to the inspiration I draw from The Engage Network.

Gordon Jenkins

Network Manager, Slow Food USA

The Peace Kitchen is definitely a testimony to what The Engage Network is all about. A small circle of nine people sitting in my backyard three years ago created a wonderful vortex of community action, spinning out the Peace Kitchen, Denton Community Market, and much more. Thank you Julia, Alissa, Marianne, and everyone at The Engage Network who created a vision together and brought it to Denton.
Chris Oller
Founder, Peace Kitchen, Denton, TX

The most amazing thing about my work with The Engage Network model is to witness the personal change in the participants from week 1 to week 7 [of the first-level curriculum].
The light in their eyes is a mix of joy, consciousness and determination. It’s the same light of a student who knows the answer to the most difficult question and he can’t wait to tell it! It’s a real miracle – it’s the willingness to do something and the consciousness of being ready to do it.

I experienced a small group of young women – once scared of making a stand – protesting and fighting together, succeeding in stopping the development of a dangerous asphalt factory in a small village in Northern Italy.
Natalia [a participant visiting from Colombia], after participating in the group at the Community of Damanhur in Italy, went back to Bogotá and started a group there. Quaglia, the group leader, is planning to extend The Engage Network’s program to the Eco-Villages in Europe.

Milena Fraccari

Regional Leader, Northern Italy